Bingo Terms A – F

Online Bingo Terms: A – F

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admission packet

A minimum number of cards that you have to purchase to gain admission to a Bingo game. Generally, you need to purchase three to six cards for a regular game.

after game

The Bingo game played after the end of a regular session of Bingo.

ball gate

The flap through which each ball passes on its way out of the ball dispensing machine.

ball lifter

The mechanism that lifts a ball from below the playfield to the tip of the ball shooter.

ball shooter

The spring loaded plunger with a rubber tip used to launch the ball into the playfield area.

basket Bingo

Games of Bingo in which basket prizes are given.

Bingo board

A display board that lights up to show each number as it’s called.

Bingo books

Bingo sheets or cards bound together for use in one game at a Bingo session. They are usually bound in the order in which they will be played.

Bingo marker

A crayon or ink dabber that you use to mark called numbers on a Bingo game card.


A device that uses forced air to mix the Bingo balls and dispense them to the Bingo caller.


Buying Bingo cards or an admission packet to gain entry to a Bingo game.


The person or machine that calls out the Bingo numbers for players.

casino night (or vegas night)

An event held for a specific period (often starting in the afternoon and ending by midnight) during which a qualified organization is entitled to hold casino-style gaming events. Games conducted include pulltabs, Bingo, roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, gin rummy, five card stud poker, and merchandise wheels.

chat room

An online Bingo term, referring to a web area you can use to type in messages to other Bingo players and read their responses.

consolation prize

The prize or prizes offered on some special Bingo games if there is no winner in a predetermined number of calls.


An ink-filled bottle or pen with a foam tip for marking called numbers. When you touch the Bingo card with the foam tip, it marks the square.

early bird game

A Bingo game that starts before another regularly scheduled game.


The individual Bingo sheet containing 24 numbers plus a free space.


Bingo cards printed on thin sheets of paper. There are usually three cards printed on a single sheet but flimsies are also printed in one, two, four, six or nine-card formats. Also sometimes called “throwaways”.

free space

The middle square of a Bingo card, which does not have a number assigned to it. It’s like a joker or wild square. You get it free every game and it counts towards your winning pattern.

four corners

A Bingo term indicating a pattern where you must cover the corner numbers of the card. If you get those four numbers, you win.

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