Online Bingo Terms Dictionary

Bingo is continuously evolving,  and changing its image – it is now a fashion-conscious, youthful game, drawing in crowds that are in their 20s and 30s. It is all about chic, glamour and having a great time!

Although Bingo might seem like a modern game to many young players, it does have a long and interesting history. The use of special, and sometimes quirky, bingo terms adds fun and diversity to the game. Bingo callers – the people who call the numbers – traditionally use different (often very funny) nicknames for each number called.

Use this site as your Online Bingo Terms Dictionary and guide to the fascinating world of Bingo terminology.

Rhyme or Reason

Most nicknames for Bingo numbers are based on either rhyme or reason. For example, number 2 is often called as “one little duck”. This one is for a reason – the number, at least if you use some imagination, has the shape of a little duck. Number 3 is “one little flea”, number 4 is “knock on the door”, and number 5 is “man alive” – all examples of rhyming. See our Cockney rhyming slang page for interesting information on how the rhyming nicknames came to be, and for examples of nicknames that are often used.

Rubber DuckA few Bingo terms come from historical references – like the popular “Kelly’s Eye” for number 1, which refers to the one-eyed Australian gangster Ned Kelly. The number 26 is sometimes called as “bed and breakfast”, because the traditional price of a bed and breakfast was 2 shillings 6 pence. Sometimes, Bingo callers use both rhyme and reason, like “getting plenty” or “one score” for the number 20. They may alternate or even improvise. However, most stick to the same, commonly used Bingo terms, whether you’re playing Bingo as a line game, a two-line game, or a full-house game. Getting to know all the Bingo terms adds to the fun of the game.

By using this online Bingo terms dictionary you should be up to speed in no time. If you’re planning to play in traditional Bingo halls instead of online, knowing these Bingo terms is absolutely essential. See our full list of commonly used nicknames in Bingo calling for more. Let’s hope that with the increasing popularity of online Bingo, some of the traditional Bingo terms aren’t lost! Maybe virtual Bingo players will even be responsible for coming up with some new Bingo nicknames that will add to the fun of the game.

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